Student Accepted at the Paris Opera Ballet School

Marguerite-Louise G.

Louise in Boléro – Music: Maurice Ravel, Choreography: Carole Alexis, Photography: Shamsher Dhanoa

Press Release: Ballet des Amériques Student Accepted at the Paris Opera Ballet School

Ballet des Amériques is pleased to announce that another student has been accepted by the Opéra National de Paris as a boarder trainee to the Paris Opera’s Summer School at the niveau supérieur or superior level.

Marguerite-Louise G., a resident of Rye Brook in Westchester County, is the third student from Ballet des Amériques to be admitted to the prestigious school’s summer program. Her classmates Alexandria O. and Isabel W. were admitted to and attended the Paris Opera’s Summer School in 2014, while fellow student Emanuel L. went to the Summer School of the Royal Ballet School in London.

The Board of Directors of Ballet des Amériques congratulates Marguerite-Louise and wishes her a productive and inspiring summer training session in Paris.

The Board also wishes to give special recognition to the work and achievement of Director Carole Alexis who is Marguerite-Louise’s teacher and mentor. This success was made possible by the countless hours of dedicated training with Marguerite-Louise and the video audition, carefully prepared by Director Carole Alexis.

Ballet des Amériques is proud to see that in the fourth year of our existence, we are sending our third student to the Opéra National de Paris, which represents a 100% success rate for these auditions. This clearly demonstrates that Director Carole Alexis and her staff are achieving the school’s stated mission of providing the highest level of ballet training in Westchester County in a pre-professional curriculum-based program.

The present result is remarkable in that Marguerite-Louise joined Ballet des Amériques relatively late in her dance education as a transfer student in the summer of 2013 and had to adjust to the demands of the curriculum-based training in a very short time. She enrolled as one of the first students in the Conservatory program at Ballet des Amériques, established in 2014 as Westchester County’s first daytime training program specifically designed for home and cyber schoolers.

Forming an excellent relationship with her student and being able to count on Marguerite-Louise’s undivided attention and commitment to hard work, Madame Alexis performed what has proven to be one of her signature feats, which is the mise à niveau or raising a student’s various abilities to the standard expected by the world’s premier institutions such as the Opéra National de Paris.


The Board of Directors

Based in Port Chester, New York, Ballet des Amériques is an international performing arts and dance center for students and professionals in the greater New York City area.

Under the direction of Carole Alexis, Ballet des Amériques School & Company combines ballet training, dance education and performance. Students of the School receive intensive training in classical ballet, in modern and in contemporary dance as well as a well-rounded dance education (with classes in music, dance history, anatomy) in a comprehensive and integrated curriculum-based pre-professional program. The professional dancers of the Company of Ballet des Amériques perform original choreographies throughout the greater New York City area and increasingly throughout the world.

Ballet des Amériques School & Company, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, a member of the Port Chester-Rye Brook-Rye Town Chamber of Commerce, a member of ArtsWestchester – Westchester County’s designated arts council – and of Dance/USA – the national service organization for professional dance.

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